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Yes You Can

Give room for the divine as well, even as you play your role, because when God shows up, miracles are inevitable. You can be that first candle today that starts the chain of the transformation you wish to see regarding the problem you may be currently facing.

Rooted First

You can’t give what you don’t have and to have what to give, you must first, be rooted. The bamboo tree in it’s initial stage has no growth above the soil. A farmer keeps watering and fertilizing while it enjoys the sun.

Why You Should Stop Trying To Change The World And What You Should Do Instead

In your journey of becoming your best self, you inspire others through your actions, to also build themselves and be their best selves. The world is paying attention to your action. The world may not say anything right now but be rest assured they are watching you. As other people begin to see the results through the transformation in you, it will call them to a place of questioning what capabilities they have that they have caged with limiting beliefs.