Dr Progress


If you don’t make bold moves, the world doesn’t move forward.

Richard Brandson

For as long as I can remember, my joy has been helping others succeed and serving in every way possible. This in the past has involved voluntary and paid engagements. I was committed to every and anything with no specific goal or road map in the beginning. It, however, dawned on me at some point that I needed to channel my energy into something specific. Prison gave me the opportunity to reflect on what I need to channel my energy into, why and how (To read about my prison story and how I got my name Dr Progress, click here).

It became very clear to me in that dark room, at the central post – a place where people crowded like sardines and could barely breathe – that the rest of my life will be dedicated to the development, growth and prosperity of the African continent. Very scary stuff at that time and still scares me sometimes but hey, if we don’t make bold moves, our continent won’t move forward.   The how became the next question. Knowing well that alone I can’t bring about development on the continent in the different sectors at the same time; my passion for education was birthed. I knew that for development to happen there is a need for a mindset shift and for people to become fully aware of their God-given potential. Education to me became the vehicle through which, a mind-set shift can be achieved and give people (You) room to unleash their (Your) potential.

Once we the people know the power we have within us to create change and solutions to our problems, we can then in our own unique way begin to take steps towards being the change we want to see in the different spheres of our gifting’s. Gradually, systems and process begin to take shape. Those called to build infrastructures do their thing, those called into governance, manufacturing, engineering, medical space, law, policy-making and implementation amongst many other fields all playing their part from a place of passion.  Your little action combined with mine over time creates big change.     

My mission is to put smiles on faces, from a place of love, while solving problems and elevating African values and cultures.

Dr. Progress

My motivation, therefore,  is through my writings and videos raise up a generation of young people, grounded in sound values and principles that through reaching their full potentials will contribute to an African continent which we are all proud of as African’s.  My YouTube Channel will focus more on development grounded in principles and values while my writings will focus on my thoughts and learning’s on topics such as education, development, values, faith, leadership and relationships.  

True I may convert this into a business in the future and make a living out of it, my main focus and drive are not what I make from it but the impact it has on you. My satisfaction over time will be to see people that actually go out and create little changes in their community that will over time compound with a ripple effect for positive development across the continent.  I see a new Africa led by people who will get into leadership positions, not for personal gains but for service, a continent where the people are so empowered that any leader will fear to do wrong, a continent where systems, processes and structures works and a continent celebrated all over the world not just for a while but over a sustained period.

Please join me on this journey, be a part of my story and make me a part of yours. Engage with my weekly videos every Thursdays and article every Tuesday’s.  Let’s grow together and make our continent proud.