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We are not created to live for the opinions of others but live with compassion to see others being brought to a place of fulfilling purpose effortlessly. Many people may follow us and try to align themselves with our purpose and assignment, which is not always bad. Still, we must be careful not to let that make us become proud and self-focused, hence forgetting the core purpose and assignment we have been called to do in the lives of others.

Deep humility and obedience ought to characterize our lives and calling here on earth. Not everyone is called to be the leading player; rather, some are called to be a part of the process that leads up to the leading player. There is no shame in being a part of the process and journey of another person, and it is a privilege to be let into their story. At every stage of life, there is a purpose attached. It is pivotal to acknowledge what we have been placed on earth for. Where we identify that our core purpose is to enable the calling of another, then we need to see our role as a privilege intentionally.

Sometimes as humans, we crave the applause of others to the point that we rub it to the face of those we have helped – in a manner that says without you they would not have amounted to anything. Don’t be too proud because God can use anyone to help them become all they are created to be. Not everyone is called to be a king; some are called to be kings’ makers. The role of a kings’ maker is not inferior to the position of a king. Both functions and calling have different purposes and are unique in their own way. When we understand and appreciate our purpose, the fulfilment of the same purpose will be done so effortlessly.  Always consider it a privilege to be part of the success story of others and keep helping as many as you can. Your effort in secret will be rewarded someday publicly.


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