Yes You Can

Yes You Can

Photo by Prateek Gautam on Unsplash

One way to feel overwhelmed is to assume the weight of the world is upon you, yet sitting back and thinking you can’t do something about it is not the way forward. One person can make a difference. Have you ever been in a dark room to witnessed the power of one lighted candle?

I recall the story of the young man in the movie Woodlawn who believed with all his heart that transformation was possible, one person at a time. In the end, he was able to create a change for all of his community.  It only takes one person to light the first candle and then light other candles along your path of life. In doing so, tiny drops form so big a ripple, the mountain that was once big a challenge becomes surmountable.  Give room for the divine as well, even as you play your role, because when God shows up, miracles are inevitable. You can be that first candle today that starts the chain of the transformation you wish to see regarding the problem you may be currently facing.


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