Why Wait to Lose It?

Why Wait to Lose It?

Photo by Alex Iby on Unsplash

In long-standing relationships and marriages especially, happiness begins to wither when the couple become comfortable enough to be themselves in each others company totally. The awe, reverence and excitement that were once the hallmark of the relationship soon give way to negative familiarity that ceases to impress. Disrespect and dishonour all too often become familiar territory in relationships. “See Finish” –  familiarity –  has led to the disintegration of friendship and the death of business relationships.

The longer you know a person, the more likely it is to take them for granted. Be intentional with your relationships and don’t do ‘see finish’ or else you will lose the gift of that relationship.  Would you mind not waiting until you lose the connection before you are intentional with valuing it, and don’t forget to be grateful for the relationships – non-toxic – in your life?

As we grow in life, relationships are inevitable, and for genuine relationships to happen, there needs to be some level of soul-bearing through exposure. With exposure, however, comes familiarity, and you know what is said about familiarity breeding contempt.  Familiarity should, in actual fact, pave the way for greater intimacy and love. Familiarity can and does breed contemp, but it can also breed a special kind of love, intimacy and understanding. The choice is ours.  Do you remember the thrill of exploring new things when the relationship started? The simple pleasure of holding hands, taking long walks, wordless conversations and presence?

Reflect on the memories of the answers to the above question. Do you want to wait to lose them before you start valuing your relationship? The problem with see finish is that once you get to that point, the relationship goes downhill until you become intentional with valuing it again.  Don’t ever think you have had too many moments that you undervalue the present. Relationships are a gift from God. Value and treat people right just like you would want to be treated.  Don’t wait, be intentional today.


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