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Never allow anyone to project their fears on you because, to some people, it does not matter how much effort you put into what you are doing. They will always have a thousand and one reasons why what you dream of is not possible. Naysayers will always look for reasons why that project, career, relationship etc., will fail. It becomes your responsibility to protect yourself and avoid cluttering your mental space.   It will be unfair to hide your gifts and talents from the world because you fear what naysayers will say but have it at the back of your mind that you will always have haters you will always have when you choose to come out.  Not every one that gives occasional negative feedback is against you, and some really care; however, they may project their perception of the situation that will not always be true.  It is pertinent to discern where their comment is coming from, if their view is valid, then consider it, if the viewpoint is from their fear with no constructive thoughts,  then ignore it.  So many resources are available on dealing with naysayers, which is beyond the scope of this piece. If you would like me to write on it, leave a comment below.


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