How Asking Makes A Difference

How Asking Makes A Difference

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How many bridges have you burnt simply by jumping to a wrong conclusion because you assumed the bad thing? A simple question to clarify your assumptions could have made a difference, but the ego will not allow you to admit you were wrong. Asking questions even when you think you rightly assumed the answer could be the difference between a good and bad relationship and peace of mind.

On a phone call recently, a husband and wife had a slight misunderstanding that would have naturally been solved if questions were asked. By not asking the question and assuming something else, they went to bed angry only to wake up the next day to ask the question they should have asked the previous night and found out they were both sorry for their mistakes.

Don’t go to bed angry. Whom do you need to call, letting go of ego to ask clarifying questions and sort your differences? Call them now. You may think you do not need anybody now, but trust me, you need people and asking them questions rather than allow your relationship to deteriorate will make a big difference. Before you assume next time, ask to be sure you understood correctly. 


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