On Greed

On Greed

Photo by Raghuvansh Luthra on Unsplash

I was having a conversation this past week when I saw how greed contributes significantly to underdevelopment. This person was in a position where one action can greatly impact the lives of millions, but then alone, he can only do much and require his team member’s help to reach more people as stipulated in his mandate. Delegating would mean others can make decisions for him, but his myopic mind thinks more about the extra benefits he would be losing and not the impact he will make through delegation. Because of this greed, he chooses to be the alpha and omega, causing a delay in the quality and quantity of projects that can be delivered. Upon hearing this story, I was pained and began to look through the multitude of problems we face as a country and could not help but conclude that these problems persist due to greed. Greed would not allow these leaders to look beyond themselves and have empathy for others, serving the people who have elected them into leadership positions.   It is ok to look out for yourself but not at the expense of the collective.  


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