Formidable Force For Change

Formidable Force For Change

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Africa is rising, but without you and I, the Africa of our dreams cannot be possible. No better time than today that we celebrate our heritage to remind ourselves of the formidable force that we are. When our founding fathers in 1963 decided to form the Organization of African Unity, today is known as the African Union. It was symbolic of Africa’s determination to free itself from foreign domination and exploitation.

While exploitation in the form of slavery as known may have ended, the slavery of the mind, which is still a form of exploitation, persists. The vision of the AU remains “an integrated, prosperous and peaceful Africa, driven by its citizens and representing a dynamic force in the global arena”. To achieve this vision requires that we emancipate our minds and help others, too, as that is the only way to build the Africa we want.  The celebration of Africa Day allows remembering the outstanding historical achievements of the Pan-Africanist and founding fathers of the continental organization. Likewise, it gives us a chance to look forward regarding Africa’s development, peace and security.

One area we can all commit to this day is educating those around us on the need first to be personally accountable, hold local government officials accountable, keeping them on the toes to deliver on community development goals as a means to better governance. There is no way as active citizens that we hold our leaders at the grassroots level accountable that will not translate to holding state governments and national governments accountable. The good governance required to bring about the Africa we want necessitates active citizenship. We can be that formidable force because there is no limit to how far we can grow as a continent when we come together in the spirit of Pan-Africanism, holding each other accountable. Yes, we can and now is the time.


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