Clapped Out Of Destiny

Clapped Out Of Destiny

Photo by Anna Louise on Unsplash

IF you are not careful and your sense of self-worth is derived from the applause of humans, you will soon be clapped out of your destiny.  Everyone loves compliments, but very few know how to handle constructive criticism necessary to ensure you are on track and not praised even when you are failing. No one likes to be wrong, which makes it hard when people are uncomfortably honest with us. But we need to be thankful for honesty in other people.

A man was considered the messiah for his community when he took over the mantle of leadership with so much goodwill that the majority thought he was the answer to prayer and will bring change to the community. Sadly, as time went on, pride crept in and derailed him for all the pointers that he was on the wrong track. He kept listening only to those singing his praise while the community almost burnt to the ground. The history books of that community was never kind to him as he became known as the leader graced for poverty.

God uses the honesty of friends and loved ones to keep us on track, and great friends will never allow empty, ego-stroking compliments to keep you mediocre but will always in love, honestly show you how you can improve. Rather than seek people that will always say yes to you and intentionally or unintentionally applaud you to an early grave, seek people that will be constructive and slap sense into you when you derail.


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