Focusing In Times of Distraction

Focusing In Times of Distraction

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Without awareness, familiarity feels like certainty. Without focus, a clear path looks like the right path. Our sense of purpose helps us spot the difference. In our current age, so many things call for our attention, and the increase in distractions is very noticeable. In our personal lives, distractions abound, similarly in the national sphere, distractions overflow. It is essential, however, to discern distractions even when you can’t remove them.  

Distractions not taken care of at any given moment increases the cost you pay in the future. Take the example of banditry, herders crisis and terrorism. These issues that should have been decisively dealt with were allowed to fester for too long due to distractions in the form of personal political ambitions and greed, and now we have a country on edge.  In the individual sphere, failing to focus on the major now and concentrate on the minor has cost us opportunities because we were not ready for them by not taking responsibility for self-development before the said opportunity presented itself.  

I am pained by the current insecurities in Nigeria and, thus, limiting the full potential available in the country. Our present results are not what we desire, it is sad, and everyone should be pained. We cannot, however, despair. More than ever, we need to focus on what is essential to make sure we rebuild the foundation devoid of inequalities, discrimination, and previous dysfunctions but grounded in values of justice, unity, integrity, peace, and progress.

To truly focus, we need the sincerity of heart, to be honest, and straightforward on what is important to us as a people and as individuals staying true to the collective good of all. Secondly is to have a strong bias towards actions day in day out that helps us focus on the big picture of the new foundation we want to create.  Now is no time for distractions, let us all come together with a precise focus working in harmony to defeat our common enemy.  We will prevail.


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