Faith Without Works

Faith Without Works

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Faith is demonstrated by our belief, channelled through prayers, but faith without work is dead. Little wonder that for decades prayers have been made over different issues that have not produced results. It is a shame that we have for a long time made prayer look like a powerless tool that can bring the transformative power that it carries.  

Prayer is a powerful tool with a transformative power to bring about change and produce results beyond being a tool for making petitions. Why, therefore, is this powerful tool not producing results in our personal lives and at a national level? The answer I found out is tied to the fact that we are not specific with our request by not linking it to the energy required to take action needed to bring about the result. There are so many things that God has capacitated us to do that no matter how hard you pray, the situation will stay the same if you do not act.  To pass an exam, for instance, it does not matter how hard you pray for the exam to be easy. If you do not study, you will fail the exams with ease. Rather than pray for an easy exam, pray to God for energy and zeal to learn and that your studying will be backed with understanding. Such prayer produces results.

With that understanding and knowing that faith/prayer without works is dead, the next time you pray, be specific and ask God to open your eyes to see what actions you need to take in the work with him to produce the results you desire and ask for energy/strength to do your part of the process.    God answers prayers by amplifying our actions. Prayer is an action, and God can amplify your prayer life from 1hr to 5hrs, but what is the point of the prayer without visible manifestation?  Prayer must be backed by action that God works through to produce results.  Let’s stop making prayer look impotent and allow it to find its full expression by backing it up with action.


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