Should Achievements Be Tied To Age?

Should Achievements Be Tied To Age?

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I will begin with the conclusion to that question: no; however, to understand the No and make sure it is interpreted in its proper context, read the article to the end.  There is no right or wrong age attached to the level of success and achievements you are aiming for. Contemporary society has some very wrong-headed ideas that have attached particular accomplishments to specific ages. Should you not be A or B by this or that age, you are a failure in contemporary society.

This has pressured many young people and has caused some to slum into a state of depression, affecting their mental health. For every ambitious soul reading this, know that irrespective of age, achievement is achievement. Celebrate your small wins. With dedication and a strong sense of direction, you may even get ahead of the individuals who started ten years before you. Don’t judge your progress and achievements by looking at someone else’s success. You aren’t in the same boat as we each have our unique timeline.

That does not mean you should not plan though, plan as though your life depends on a plan and pray as though your life depends on prayer. It is ok to aim for specific goals at a certain age but do it on your terms, not societies term of achievements attached to any age. Don’t rush and crash but also be careful not to be stuck in mediocrity.  Evaluate where you are currently, reflect on the things you want to achieve, define your goals and set a timeline based on your terms and get to work on those goals else they will be wishful goals.   Remember that achievement is not bound by age. You can be successful and achieve big things even if you start late.


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