Mr & Ms Potential

Mr & Ms Potential

Photo by Rob Wicks on Unsplash

You will remain in a potential state if you do not respect principles and laws that govern the sphere you are potentiated for. It does not matter how bad you want it. If you don’t back the desire with equal or even more action, it will stay a potential.  It is essential to do some soul searching, and now is the next best time to do it and identify your true beliefs and why you have stayed in the state of potential for longer than you ought to and not manifesting results.

Speaking about results, your inner world controls your outer world. Results are a product of thoughts that produce feelings within you that should push you to action that yields the results’ fruits – fruits of your potentials.  Until we change what we believe, nothing will change. What we believe will determine what we will achieve. You have to be sincere and tell yourself the truth; if your potential is not manifesting as you desire, it is proof that there are some things you don’t know. It calls for personal humility to be aware and put in the work required to know and manifest. Don’t remain a Mr or Ms potential. Plant seeds today that will turn your possibilities into results. 


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