The Gift of Openness

The Gift of Openness

Photo by 卡晨 on Unsplash

Your dreams, backed by actions, will happen. Sometimes though, they occur in the least expected places and way, which requires us to embrace the gift of being open. Like the title suggest, the inspiration for this write-up today came not as I was brainstorming but out of a random video I watched on YouTube when I least expected it.    

Being closed-minded is draining and gradually sucks the life out of you as you will miss opportunities. Before conditioning as kids, we were very open-minded, but somehow as we matured, consciously or unconsciously, we shut down and become defensive, leading to suffering. The good news is, we can each embrace the gift of being open and end suffering by changing our perspective.     

When you are open, you don’t assume anything to be true. You are innocent, like a baby. Humble and available. You are interested in inner reflection, and you lead from curiosity. You experiment and explore but within the boundaries of sound principles and values. While some people are open by nature, others can learn to be more open with practice and a little mindfulness. The gift of openness is available to each of us and, once embraced, can set you free.  


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