It is Time

It is Time

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

Last night, I had the opportunity of being inducted into the pioneer class of the School of Politics, Policy and Governance, a one of its kind school aimed at raising a new crop of political leaders in Nigeria that are grounded in values and principles. If you are familiar with the #smilestribe, you know that is the foundation of all we do.

At the matriculation event, one of the speakers gave an inspiring remark and ended with a charge for us to ROAR, and today I also write to encourage you, my readers, that it is time to ROAR. ROAR is an acronym for being Responsive, Outstanding, Audacious and Revolutionary. Our society today is plagued by so many injustices that the abnormal has been normalized. We have seen bandits being paid ransom for kidnapping children while posing with public leaders for pictures as peaceful protesters demanding good governance are arrested. It is no time to be silent as an injustice overlooked today may be your undoing tomorrow.

My friend reading this; now is the time to take a bold stand for what is right and be counted. Wherever you are, you can ROAR and be the change you wish to see. We all can be heroes in our little corners because it will take every hero’s effort to bring about the seismic developmental shift we crave for and deserve in Nigeria and across the African continent.  But like everything in life, there is a price to be paid. Are you willing to pay the price and live a principled and values-driven life? “IT IS TIME”


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