Do It Now

Do It Now

Photo by ian dooley on Unsplash

This week, I am writing as a reminder to myself the importance of doing a certain task now even though you have time. I have come to realize that for every time you feel there is enough time and allow that delay, you set yourself up for potential failure. Failure that you may not recover from. 

I was given an assignment recently and in the course of carrying out this task, I felt oh there is enough time to do it. However, I did not take into consideration the fact that certain things are outside of my control that I cannot predict. The next week when I finally settled down to carry out the task, I fell ill and another week is gone. Once I recovered from the sickness other task kept coming in that pushed the initial assignment to the backseat. Right now I am overworking myself when I could have avoided the present reality by doing the task when it was given.

If you have any task or assignment, never allow the vigour and gosh of ideas that come at that moment go to waste. Get right on the task and keep improving on it irrespective of the “so much” time you think you have.  Get to work on that task and do it now.


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