Overcoming the Fear of Criticism

Overcoming the Fear of Criticism

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Hmmm… criticism! We have been told at some point what we can or can’t do, what we can accomplish or not accomplish. “There is no way you’ll make it as a teacher. You’re not patient enough.” You can’t do A, B or C because you are not good enough.

Criticism is hard to take and even harder to not be afraid of.  For some of us, the fear of it can feel SO big and SO crushing that it shuts us down completely.  While it can be constructive and helpful sometimes, deep down we all have a tolerance level to criticism.  We become so fearful that we allow this inner voice of fear for what others will say about our dreams, plans etc. that when we try implementing and the critics come in we take every word to heart not filtering what is BS.

And so even in adulthood, we are awaiting the approval of others on a purpose and dream already approved by God because we do not want to look like ‘idiots’.  Fact is, no matter how good, thoughtful or honest what you do is, there will always be that one person that will look for one bad thing to say. Not everyone is going to love you or love your service or product. Anyone can critic but not everyone can create.

Rather than allow the fear of criticism hold you back for contributing your quota to making the world a better place through your purpose, here are a few things to help you overcome that fear. Firstly, know who you want to give a seat at that table of critics, not everyone should be listened to especially in this social media age.  Decide the yardstick for the voices that can criticize – constructively – and ignore the rest. 

Keep in mind that the same way you expect admiration for what you do, it also comes with criticism so, don’t let it stop you.  Focus on improvement rather than approval. Allow criticism feed you, not your insecurities. Never forget. You were born to create and contribute.


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