What is in Your Hands?

What is in Your Hands?

Photo by Ravi Roshan on Unsplash

There are over 101 excuses we can give of why conditions are not perfect to do the things that will make a difference, contribute to making the world a better place while living a fulfilled life devoid of mediocrity.  The story of a man whose assignment it was, to deliver his people from captivity in another land. When he was called to the assignment, do you know what his excuse was? He started off saying I am a stammerer, people won’t even listen and the answer to that excuse was an assistant to help him out if he struggled at any point.

He still doubted his capacity to do the task and came up with another excuse based on assumption that the people will not believe him. So, The Master asked him, what is in your hands?  He said a rod in despise and that rod became a sign unto him that at first scared him but was pivotal to his assignment and became an instrument through which miracles happened. Our excuses – in real sense despising what we currently have – can become a hindrance that stops us from being the best we can be. What you’re going to be is going to come out from what you have/are now.  God can use that which you think is little to do more than you can imagine.

What do you have in your hands? We all have something, find yours and allow it to find expression. Do not allow the excuse of it being little, stop you because how you handle the “little” is how you will handle the “much”.  Like that rod in the hands of Moses, God has equipped each of us with different talents for a purpose. It is our responsibility to find it out and not despise the days of little beginnings.  


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