Purpose Driven Year

Purpose Driven Year

Photo by Austin Chan on Unsplash

Last week, we looked at how goals are decision-based and should not be driven by the excitement of a new year (you can read it here). Today I want us to shift our focus to having a purpose-driven year. Root your goals in what matters. Truth is, if you are not driven by a purpose, then you set yourself up for failure as you would be comparing your outcomes/results to other people’s outcomes/results.

Research clearly shows that true motivation is driven by meaning and purpose rather than extrinsic rewards, numbers and goals. A study of West Point alums showed that those who had intrinsic goals, “I want to serve my country and make a difference” outperformed those with extrinsic goals “I want to rise in the ranks and become an officer because it’s prestigious.”

In 2021, make sure the goals you set are meaningful, purposeful and not what society expects of you. In the end, great goals are about stewarding what God has placed into our care very well. Do not be pressured by the external, be motivated by the internal – mission and purpose- you have set for yourself.  Set goals from a mindset of abundance, humility and gratitude. I am rooting for your success. Have a purpose-driven year.


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