Resolutions: Decisions and Not the Date

Resolutions: Decisions and Not the Date

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I am sure by now you have made some resolutions and set some goals for yourself that you want to achieve in 2021. There is something you would like to achieve in this year be it physical health, finances, career, relationship, spiritual and otherwise. The thrill of a new year even makes it more exciting as it presents the opportunity for newness. If you have not yet done so, you can still do it now and apply the mindset I will share shortly.

It is easy to think that New Year presents a new you while this can provide some moment that can be built upon, it can sustain you for the whole year. What makes the difference is not in the fact that we are in a new year but what we choose to do, New Year or no new year. The date isn’t what matters. The decision, the willingness to act daily to reach our goals – that’s what does.

As we proceed in this New Year, make it a point to show up daily and commit to the process by doing the work you have committed to do that will help you reach those goals you have set out for yourself. Let go of the mindset that results will be immediate because crossing from one year to another makes no difference if you are not following through on each day’s commitment that adds to the overall goal. Resolutions in and of themselves are not bad but the decisions we take each second and not, the change in date that makes the difference and produces the miracles of results.    Happy New Year #SMILESTRIBE and may 2021 be kind to you.


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