It is Not About Me

It is Not About Me

Photo by Kate Townsend on Unsplash

Imagine for a bit that when Jesus came to earth and made His purpose about him and refused to go to the cross. There won’t have been redemption for us but He knew it was not about Him as there was a purpose for which He came this season of Christmas when we celebrate His birth.  We each have a purpose for which we are here in the current timeline of history and that is what life is about.

In a, me, myself and I culture, we become too focused on ourselves that we forget it is not about us. In this season of giving, it is important to remind ourselves that the best way as Mahatma Gandhi said to find yourself is in the service of others.  You are only but a vessel and it is a privilege to be a channel to bless others. When you make things about you that are not about you, it’s a terrible burden. Deep down, we all know that if we could stop trying to people-please, stop trying to measure up, stop focusing on our flaws, and stop dwelling on the rejection, life would be a lot easier. If we could only focus a little less on ourselves and a little more on God, our shoulders would feel so much lighter. But the challenge is, how?

Shift your focus from self to God, it is way harder than it sounds and it is a journey to get to the point where you believe and become free. Once we shift our focus, lens and perspective we are looking through, hard times and disappointments take a whole different light.  Stop obsessing over whether you are good or worthy enough — just allow your gifting find expression! When you give your all to what you love to do and surrender the outcome to God, you have peace.


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