Rooted First

Rooted First

Photo by Eleonora Albasi on Unsplash

“The bamboo requires 7 years to develop its root and then produces or sprouts abundantly in the next 8 days”. Those words from her as she passionately delivered a lecture on financial, health and time freedom struck me. I had never heard about that claim before so I went to research about it.  From my research, I found the claim not to be true however, the context of first building our roots no matter how long it takes before producing fruits is relevant for us.  

In a car returning home, I observed as people struggled to get a car headed back to their abodes. During this struggle, a young man (Let’s call him A) for whom a particular car stopped to pick was pushed by another man (B) who made sure that his friend(C) got a space in the car. In that process, there was no longer space for Mr A. Luckily though, another person decided to get out of the car and that created space. The 3 people (A, B and C) that struggled to enter the car were now inside and something interesting happened. Mr B knew he had done something wrong but never apologized. Mr A  had biscuits in his hands and offered Mr B some of it. He was shocked at the gesture but Mr A in my opinion was deeply rooted in love for others and did not allow the push to stop him from being kind.

You can’t give what you don’t have and to have what to give, you must first, be rooted.  The bamboo tree in its initial stage has no growth above the soil. A farmer keeps watering and fertilizing while it enjoys the sun.  Same can be said of us during our seasons of obscurity – that phase where we are reading as many books as we can, attending all the training and working towards a desired future. Our patience is tested and some wonder if there will ever be a reward. Do not be discouraged because that same bamboo during the phase that seems like no growth is developing strong roots that allow it to grow exponentially.  The season for your reward will come but in this phase of obscurity – which is an investment into the future – build strong roots that will sustain you in the season of ‘fame’.  If you don’t patiently build character as you toil towards your dreams and goals, success will crush you because you did not build the roots to support that level of success.

The struggle in the cocoon is what gives the future butterfly the wing power to fly, just as tension against muscles as we exercise strengthens our muscles, while muscles left alone will soon atrophy. The journey of character development is one that is slow and takes time to show any progress but one that is worth it if we patiently persist.  Keep rooting and soon your manifestation will come.


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