Helped to Help

Helped to Help

Photo by Stephen Isaiah on Unsplash

No one in my opinion is self-made. People have helped you in one way or the other to be where you are right now including those that hated on you. The good, the bad and ugly of whatever and whoever was a part of your story has helped and shaped the person you have become and are becoming.

It will be self-deceit to think you can go on the journey of life on your own.   Be grateful for everyone that has contributed to your journey some of whom you will never meet or even know.  The journey becomes less lonely when we invite trusted and loyal people – people who are loyal but will not allow loyalty close their mouth but correct you when you are wrong and keep you humble to keep growing. People who are rooting for you and sincerely happy for your success like the friends who helped Elizabeth win her chess championship match against Bogov or the friends who stayed awake all night to help their friend study the moves and beat the opponent.  

When you reach the next level of your goals or that which, you have defined for yourself as a success, remember that you were helped. You have been helped to help others. Life is bigger than you, there are destinies connected to yours that you must help. Sometimes you will be on the receiving end and other times you will be the one helping. Never miss an opportunity to help another person because we have been helped to help others. Shalom!


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