Are you your Blockade?

Are you your Blockade?

Photo by Matthew T Rader on Unsplash

“Why have you stayed the same and not grown at all” she was asked years down the road. She replied that no opportunity was presented to her or whatever excuse it is she gives then I may never know but here is a story of how a person can be their obstruction.

We had not seen each other in a very long time – 8 years or more – and as destiny would have it, we met at a place none of us ever thought possible or could imagine. There we were at the basement of this magnificent seat of power catching up on life generally when I learnt she had no job.  At that point, I was looking out to hire someone for a job and after some informal interview, I offered her the job.  Saying there was no opportunity and using that as a justification for being where you are is not an excuse. As young people, we must be proactive to take initiative. Sometimes the opportunities are obvious, and other times they may not be that obvious, but they are there – disguised too.  

Back to our story, I fixed an appointment for the next day for us to meet with my boss so the contract can become official but I got the first excuse and that appointment was missed. The next appointment could not happen as my boss was unavailable. At the next appointment, we had a physical meeting and I said to wait here let me get my bag and we head to the other office to meet the boss. I was about stepping out when the beep came in, it was an SMS of why we needed to reschedule and we kept going on and on with different excuse to the point I could no longer take the risk of recommending this person for the job. From the short experience that transpired within two weeks, it was clear that on the job there would be intangible reasons for not delivering results.

Do not be the reason why when your opportunity comes you block it yourself with your inactions or excuses as it is possible to be your blockade. I pray for you reading this that God will help you not to be the reason why you don’t progress and for those that have been their blockade I pray your eyes to be opened to readjust and speed to recover all that you have lost. May our eyes be opened to see opportunities where they exist and where they do not exist may wisdom to create them be bestowed on us. Have a great week.


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