Value Begets Value

Value Begets Value

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

Traffic jam has become a part of my story for now as I ply my route to work each day and night. During the day, the jam is made bearable by books that keep me company however at night, reading a hard copy book is not an option since most buses don’t have reading friendly night. Taking some language lessons on Duolingo is not an option at night as well since your phone is at the risk of being snatched on the road. To enjoy the traffic back home sometimes, you listen to marketers, some very boring and others quite engaging.

Tonight was one such engaging encounter as a Dr Dickson was our marketer for the night. There was something different about him and that is the focus of this article. Dickson’s product was a herbal drink that cures quite some sicknesses but for over one hour standing all through the trip back, he never mentioned the product he was selling. Rather, he went on to educate everyone in the bus about different herbs we find in our yards and community that we may not be appreciating their medicinal value.  He was adding value to almost everyone in the bus as he shared his knowledge and wealth of experience in the herbal sector and that attracted people to want to buy when he finally introduced his product just 20 minutes before he reached his bus stop. When he talked about his product using ‘odogu – P***s’ for illustrating the advantages of what he was holding in his hands to cure infertility, he sold out the whole thing in his bag.

He did not start by selling us a product but adding value in form of relatable and valuable health information that benefits you even without buying his product. He is a good example for us to learn how value begets value. When you seek to add value to the life of other people, the value will always return to you. You could see and feel the passion with which, he shared the free health information with all of his potential customers. People will freely associate with those that add value in one form or another. So the next time you feel you should attract more value, add value for the same measure that you add value to others, the same will be added to you.    


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