20/10/2020: They Spoke with Guns

20/10/2020: They Spoke with Guns

My country bleeds at the moment because the elite and leaders of the nation feel threatened by citizens that now understand they matter and do have the power to demand better governance from a failed government. How can a country with sane leaders choose guns to silent peaceful protesters rather than talk to her people and earn their trust? How can a country with sane leaders allow thugs hired by touts to kill their fellow citizens? 20 of October will forever remain in our history books as the day a government ordered the military to shoot at peaceful protesters seated and singing the national attempt.  

I can only conclude that the current government is intentionally bent on maintaining the status quo, a country where the voice of the highest office in the land – the office of the citizen –    is silenced and docile to allow them to continue their oppression. We say no more.

To all the beautiful ones that we have lost in this fight to #ENDSARS, I am sorry that our failed leadership in present Nigeria failed you and could not protect you. I am sorry that they choose violence rather than a peaceful route to allow our nation progress. May the souls of everyone whose life has been ended before their time, due to leaders that prefer to speak with guns hunt every leader that wants to maintain the current status quo that limits the greatness of our nation and fails to protect the people. You will know no peace until you do the right thing.

The labour of our heroes past shall never be in vain. To every protester out there, please obey the curfew and return home. We will re-strategize and come back better once the curfew is lifted. Online protesters our work continues as no curfew can be declared digitally. The new Nigeria that God is birthing and we the people are fighting for will happen whether the current failed government wants it or not.   They speak with guns but we speak with love and peace. We the people will prevail and see a Nigeria that works for us all.  May God have mercy upon us and heal our land.


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