The Generation that Said Enough Is Enough

The Generation that Said Enough Is Enough

Each generation must, out of relative obscurity, discover its mission, fulfil it or betray it

– Frantz Fanon

You have either been harassed, know someone that has or heard stories of a person harassed by the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS). If you have not, let me share my story of the day I encountered them.    We had the day prior, stopped in Enugu at the God Is Good Motor park on our way from Abuja to Port Harcourt. We made that stop because it was unsafe to travel at night on the eleme road. Oh, little did we know that that morning at about 6:30 am in a thick bush by a bend waited people I first thought were the armed robbers that stopped us from continuing our trip.

Alas, they were policemen from the SARS department. Some with torn jeans, others in black and black with red cloths tied to each of their guns. If I recall clearly, they were about 12 of them. The road was very lonely and one made the statement if I shoot you nobody can do anything.  I was seated in front with the driver when two men from behind me were asked to step out of the bus. My heart was already racing by the stories I have read in the past. While trembling, came the voice, step out. I had my laptop with me and my iPhone. He was about to start searching when he saw my NYSC uniform and asked for my ID. That ID saved me from their hands that morning as they told us the men to step back inside the car and proceed on our journey.

As you read this, protest to #ENDSARS #SARSMUSTEND is ongoing as an organic and youth lead movement to end every form of police brutality. For far too long, as @falzthebahdguy  “People were too focused on trying to stay alive that we forget we were dying”. My generation rose to say enough is enough. Young people are self-cordinating, no looting, cleaning up the environment after the protest and a lot more amazing things happening. We have discovered our mission to make Nigeria work in our lifetime and now on the path to fulfilling same mission because we now understand that the office is of the citizen is the highest office in the land.  

Rarely, have we united as one irrespective of our religion and tribe with one voice and a common sense of purpose to make a demand from leaders that are meant to be serving us the people. This is an opportunity we must use to birth the new Nigeria of our dream, a Nigeria that works for us all with sound institutions and systems grounded in values and principles and fueled by merit.  Like  Bukola Ogunyemi said, “the youths are baptized in a sea of innovation and born solving problems”.  Our time has come, if you cannot join the protest, donate to the protest (the flutterwave link is down at the moment but keep an eye for other credible ways to donate), tweet and retweet about the protest as that will bring awareness to more people, join a prayer walk. There is something you can do at this moment to support the movement. Continue to be peaceful in all of your actions; don’t assault/harass our women joining the protest.  Allow no one provoke you into violence. We can be peaceful yet resolute.   

Staying quiet in a time as this is not an option for you because silence is taking sides with the oppressor. I am excited about the new Nigeria that we are building right now and what God is doing in our nation at this time.  This moment has shown us that we are not lazy like some think, we can be organized and together overcome whatever we consider hindrance. Nigeria will work for us all in my lifetime.

“When you find your path, you must ignore fear.”



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