Progression Not Perfection

Progression Not Perfection

Photo by Lindsay Henwood on Unsplash

I do not think there is anyone that starts on any project or endeavour that does not want it to turn out perfect.  We all want to be perfect in some ways.  However, we must take caution not to make perfection the goal that we become disempowered to take action. The result of that is a failed outcome. We should not also allow the fear of making mistakes stop us from going all out.  

The truth is mistakes will still happen no matter how careful you are. Mistakes are a beautiful part of our stories if we pick the lessons of those experiences. The image of those you think are perfect today did not start from their current position. They all started from somewhere with continuous improvement in mind.

Many people wait for the perfect moment to start. The truth is there is never a perfect moment. If you want to do something, do it now. You should strive for improvement, growth and understanding. The more you wait for perfection, the longer you procrastinate on taking action which delays your growth. In whatever it is that you want to do, give the best of yourself to it. Excellence is consistent progress in giving your best to whatever it is you set out to do.

The next time you feel stuck remind yourself that the goal is to make progress and not perfection. It is better to move slowly and headed towards a direction than staying stuck because you want the perfect direction.  A mindset of progression and not perfection is the only way to bridge the gap between the ambitions you have and your ability.


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