If We Could See…

If We Could See…

Photo by Tanguy Sauvin on Unsplash

If you were given a device that can show you everything you can see either now or in the future, would you look through it?

I will be very tempted to look through it especially if there are no side effects or negative consequences attached but let me know in the comment session what your choice will be.    Before you continue reading, take a moment to breathe in

Did you breathe in? Do it and now breathe out and say to yourself God is faithful.  Some of us wait to see the things we are trusting God for before we express our gratitude to him. Nothing wrong with that as the feeling of getting an answered prayer invokes automatic gratitude from within with no external push. I am however going to challenge you this evening to be grateful even for the answers you are still waiting for. More importantly for the things God has protected you from that you do not even have an idea about.

 A woman in her red dress presumably returning from the office, decided rather than drive back alone in the car, why not share a ride and get some money for whatever reason she had.  Like every public transportation means, people get off at different points that the driver has no control over. So, there she was, parked by the side of the road, a road by the way with no street light, trying to give the balance of the fare she had been paid by one of her passengers. She was at the point facing the right, on her left was another passenger who abruptly opens the door and tries to get off in a location where that door was not meant to be opened. Thank God for our alert driver who was able to break immediately. The story would have been different had that door been damaged or her passenger injured. Both the driver and passengers were not aware of what had just happened in that minute.

Onwards we drove and another incident occurred, someone on the road with earphones plugged in to enjoy his music not mindful of the road and would have been hit by our car but again God saved him. Not too long after we meet a heavy traffic jam with okadas – bikes – navigating through whatever small space they could find. I could almost sense that something was about to happen. At that junction were 4 bikes trying to navigate through the small space, our driver, focused on the trailer hooting for him on the other side, me almost at the edge of my seat with my mouths opened shouting ‘ehhh, ehhh, ehhhh’ for our driver to brake, this time one of the bikes was brushed off and due to the congestion the other 4 bikes all fell off. Thankfully no one was injured. They were aware of the whole thing because they saw it. It got me thinking about the first two people who were not aware of the accidents that would have been. I could not help but immediately think to myself how many times I have been preserved from harm’s way by God that I did not know of. How many opportunities I have been desperate for and applied but was not selected. If only we could see all the things and times that God has protected and shielded us.

Sometimes it can be painful that we are not getting what we want but rest assured that we never understand life fully looking forward but backward when we connect the dots. Why not open your mouth right now and say thank you God for the things you can see and those you can’t see. We have every reason to be grateful.  Have a grateful week.


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