A Year After

A Year After

We were on a bus ride back from tailoring school when I was reminded that I had set a date to kick off this blog and the YouTube channel. For over a year I had been thinking about it and kept planning but never started until that ride. August the first made it one year since that conversation and my first blog article and I wanted to share some learning’s from the journey.

It is all right to be scared but never allow fear to stop you from pursuing your dreams. I kept shifting launch date because of fear, worried about how people will take my idea, fear of failing and fear of committing. Getting to it is the best way to deal with the fear because until you start you can never know with certainty how it will turn out.

It is important to have a strong why before setting out. If my main reason for starting this was to have a large subscriber base, followership or money I would have quitted because I would have been discouraged.  The why kept me going even when sometimes for 2 months no new subscriber subscribes or no comment/feedback is given on article. Always remind yourself why you started and when the going becomes tough that helps to keep you on the journey.

Asking for help does not mean you are weak.  It took me time to get used to sending personal messages to people to subscribe and visit my website and I am still improving and learning. You will be amazed at the number of people willing to help you and are rooting for you. Invest in your dream. You have to continuously invest time and money to see your dream come into reality. You have to put your money where your mouth is and not only speak about it. Even when it seems like things are not going as planned, be consistent and keep readjusting your strategies.  I am sure there is still a lot I will learn on this journey but to you still doubting yourself, start investing in your dream, be opened to feedback and keep learning as you go.


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