Stop Running and Face It

Stop Running and Face It

Photo by Ant Rozetsky on Unsplash

Problems do not go away on their own. You may be tempted to say “after a while, this will go away”. Experience has shown however that problems not worked through will always remain. The default mode for some people, when they encounter a problem is to run away from it or push the blame to someone or something other than the person. It is a good thing to even be aware that you have a problem because others may not even be aware that they have a problem.  No one is immune to problems and in some of these problems dwells a curveball that can potentially send us on a path to some amazing opportunities. Problems not worked through can become an eternal barrier that stunts personal growth and development.

We all have problems, some small and others big but a common feature is that they both indicate the need to change something or take certain actions. Unfortunately, we can’t wish our problems away but face it squarely, get to the root of the issue and start tackling it.  I know running seems the easy route because it comes with this liberating feeling of “not all problems require a solution”. Taking the easy route, however, comes with consequences as you start tripping for even the tiniest of things.  Always remember that the problem you are running away from is not something that is embedded in the place you left it but bundled within you.   This unresolved emotional clutter gradually trickles into every facet of our life.   The battles that we fight alone in our minds are some of the hardest. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by feelings of hopelessness, despair, or confusion but running is not the answer.

Scott Peck in his book the road less travel said: “Many people simply do not take the time necessary to solve many of life’s intellectual, social or spiritual problems”. Rather than wait for circumstances to force you to confront your problems, willing to confront them beforehand. We must find the courage and discipline to face our problems and fears head-on and here are my suggestions of how to do it.  Take time off to think. Once you have had a chat with yourself, just as you provide others with empathy, patience, strength, humility, and love during stressful or challenging times, you need to show this for yourself too.  

Stop trying to run from the problem. Embrace discomfort and suffering. Life comes with a series of problems and to solve them you must embrace the temporal pain and suffering for a pleasant and future gratification. Nothing is gained without some level of discomfort. To find a better job, there is the discomfort of throwing in several applications and not sure which will come back positive. To get into shape, you will have to endure the discomfort of not eating some of your favourite food. It is not going to be an easy process but then at the end of that tunnel is a future with no old baggage. Don’t victimize yourself.

Let go of negative thoughts.  It takes great strength to face your problems so have a can-do spirit. You can’t plan to avoid all your challenges but you can plan to mitigate the impact. Learn from your experiences. Reflect effectively and use it as experiential learning. It is important to log your experiences.

Self-improvement is difficult. And when you decide to improve yourself or your position, other people around you may unfairly think you’re attacking their own choices or unwillingness to improve. You cannot let yourself get sucked into that kind of negativity and downward spiral. Audit your circle of friend and note those that are positive and supportive. Ignore the negative energy.

Don’t go on the journey alone. Find support and trusted network to go the journey with you. There may also be people around you that you can lean on as you work to overcome whatever obstacles you are trying desperately not to run away from. If your problems are too deep-seated or overwhelming to deal with, seek the help of a professional therapist or counsellor. But, you do need to be cautious and exercise some careful judgment. It can be hard to sometimes face our problems but there comes a point where you must face it and say enough is enough to unleash the fullness of God’s potential in you.


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