What Can Turkeys Teach Us As Young People?

What Can Turkeys Teach Us As Young People?

Photo by Suzy Brooks on Unsplash

When I say turkey, I am referring to the bird and not Turkey the country. 7 months ago, 8 of these turkeys – 2 gobblers or toms and 6 hens – started living with us. The gobblers like to show off and gobble each time a human makes a sound and that can be annoying especially when I am recording a video. Little did I know that there would come a day when I will be learning from them.

I was seated right across their window when the lessons I am about to share occurred to me. A little over 3 weeks ago, 3 of the hens started laying eggs while the other 3 kept roaming. 2 weeks after, 2 joined the others laying and the last hen just started laying eggs this week. I was concerned about the ones that started laying eggs three weeks prior because it seemed as though they were not eating.

I left where I was seated opened their door to allow them to come out for fresh air and maybe give the gobbler it’s needed privacy to fertilize the egg of the hen before it drops for the day. I also opened the door for another reason, to allow the 3 hens now covering their eggs to come out and eat but I was in for an “aha” moment that inspired today’s article.   I waited for over 30 minutes and the hens covering their eggs will not come out but another 15 minutes in, the eldest hen in terms of laying came out monitoring her eggs though.

The “aha” moment for me was this. The hens covering felt no pressure to leave their current mission to join the others gets fresh air even though they needed to stretch. As humans, we are quick to look at what the other people are doing and wanting to be like them. The turkey teaches us that we each have a journey and just enjoy where we are right now as we brood on our ideas in our growth trajectory. There is a time for us to join others and there is a time to be separated and focus on building your business, idea or project.  

Lesson number two, we may have the same skills, the same resources or not but understand that our journeys will have different starting times. The hens came in at the same time but some started laying before the others but in the end, they all are fulfilling their potential. Enjoy your timeline and sequence on your journey in life and don’t be eyeing other people’s timeline because no two timelines are the same. The poults will hash on different days but there is no pressure in the group to have all their poults on the same day. Your results will come in due time just be patient.

Lesson number 3, a hen does not allow the other hen to define her. Each appreciates their uniqueness. You are unique too so don’t allow other people’s opinion define you. Define for yourself who you want the world to know and not the other way round. I am sure there are more lessons to be gained even as the hens become a mother. I will keep observing them and share more as I learn. For now, be your unique self, enjoy your journey and keeping growing to be your best self.   


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