Nkechi’s Birth, The Doctors Verdict and Lessons

Nkechi’s Birth, The Doctors Verdict and Lessons

Photo by Andrew Stapleton on Unsplash

When I asked my sister last week, how and why she named “her” Nkechi, she said to me ‘…there is this girl in church who was very stubborn and because she behaved in a stubborn way different from the rest, she gave her the name Nkechi’. Do not worry, the story will click eventually and all make sense so stay with me.

Nkechi gave birth to two beautiful kids a male and female. The female kid, however, had issues after birth. She was unable to suck and became weaker as days passed. On the 4th day or so, we had to call the doctor because the situation was not getting any better. The doctor in whom we had hoped gave a verdict we were not ready to hear. He boldly and with all confidence said the female kid will not survive past that day as she is already gone. My heart dropped. Standing there helplessly and seeing how much pain the kid was going through, I said a prayer for a peaceful death that stops the pain because I could no longer bear it. In that moment of pain, I felt I could do something. I went down to the market, bought a feeder came back home and made milk for the kid. Completely weak at this point, I went ahead to feed the kid while her brother and mother watched on in pains.

During the feeding, I noticed the kid trying to stand and I shouted for joy calling my sister to come to see a miracle. Strength had come on her somehow and my sister with gifting’s in naming, there and then named the kid Wonderful.  Wonderful that the doctor gave up on, lived another 24 hours before she passed on. It was a solemn moment for the house as my dad packaged Wonderful nicely for a night-time burial.   Nkechi our goat mourned her child the whole night as I laid on the couch feeling her pains and consoling her from a distance. What lesson did our goat wonderful teach me? Not every word from a human is final. If I had taken the doctors words as finals, wonderful would not have had an extra 24 hours with us. People may say to you that your dreams and aspirations are dead on arrival but keep working at it. Hear what they have to say and pick the important lessons applicable to your situation. Don’t give up on your dreams just yet. Lesson two; the people you place your hope in are not necessarily the ones that can/will help you in the end. Support and help others.