Anointed in Private; Appointed in Public

Anointed in Private; Appointed in Public

Photo by Christin Hume on Unsplash

The “I have arrived” syndrome can limit the heights you can reach as there is no room left for growth. Imagine for a moment, that David upon being anointed fell into the trap of this syndrome and missed the opportunity for his elevation just like Saul missed it at some point. It took him years from the time he was anointed to becoming the king of Israel. David was anointed at 17 but he wasn’t appointed until he was 37. The waiting period between the anointing and appointment can be frustrating. It can even get to a point where you doubt the anointing because everything seems to be contrary to the promise you have received from God.

King David was not born into royalty. He entered life as a humble shepherd, rose to found a dynasty, and became a central figure in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Before the public appointment of David, there was a private anointing. The prophet Samuel was sent by God to anoint David the humble Sheppard and talented musician. There was some pushback even before his anointing because all the sons were called in, but Jesse left David out. Samuel asked Jesse is there anyone else before David was even talked about. He was already disqualified by his own family.  Upon his anointing, he went about his daily chores, taking care of what was committed into his hands and building himself in preparation for his appointment as King. He was faithful to his old assignment and stayed faithful until a new assignment came.  

You have an anointing over you, yes I do not doubt that but what are you doing in the waiting period now before the appointment comes? You will have to sometimes watch and even assist other people to be and do all you dreamed of being and doing but like David who carried out his role while Saul was still on the throne, we must serve diligently and faithfully in the waiting period. Don’t go around throwing tantrums about being the rightful appointee of a particular position or try to manipulate your way to shorten the time to your appointment. Allow the placeholder that God has placed in the role you have been anointed for, to be there until it is time for your own appointment.

Don’t go about announcing your anointing by seeking the validation of humans. Keep working on yourself in private. Buy that book and read it, take that training, go for further studies, volunteer to serve others who are where you want to be. Be humble and submit to the current placeholder. Sometimes people will hate you, not for what you have done or for what you said but, because of the anointing on you. In such times, don’t try to prove a point because you may be extending your appointment time. Be humble and let God play out His plans. God is never late or too early, He is always on time. Once God is through with developing you during the anointing period, He will cause men to discover you and appoint you.


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