There is Room for All

There is Room for All

The fact that someone else is progressing does not mean if you support them to make more progress, you will regress or become stagnant. There is room for everyone to be their best self. TK recently graduated from university and is looking for a job. He is brilliant, hardworking with an admirable personality and of sound character.

For years he dreamed of working with this particular organization where vacancies are not publicised and when you take initiative to apply, the political bottleneck can stiffen your motivation. An unwritten rule of knowing someone with the system seemed to be at play. That fact, however, did not stop TK from submitting his CV even though he knew no one before visiting the office. On that cloudy morning with a cold breeze blowing from every direction TK decided to do a follow up on his letter and to his amazement found a friend whom all along knew TK was interested in working with this organization but never mentioned it to him. Upon that encounter, TK’s friend felt threatened and it became as though he was in competition for a job that was not even there.  

The competitive spirit is a central element of human nature. However, leaders and organizations are acknowledging that even their best individual efforts can’t stack up against today’s complex and interconnected problems. Hence, putting aside self-interests and collaborating more to build new community infrastructure to advance shared objectives. Competition can hold us back from achieving our greatest potential because it is inherently divisive. There can only be one winner. Collaboration, on the other hand, is all about progressing as a whole. There is no winner unless the entire group crosses the finish line together. Collaboration is bigger than any one person. It is a culture.

Moving forward, unlike TK’s friend who felt his opportunity for promotion was at stake if TK came into the equation, we should share opportunities with other people as there is room for us all to be our best self’s.  There are countless ways we can lift each other up on a daily basis. It can be as simple as sharing lessons learned from your journey with others or sharing available opportunities with other people. Always maintain an open mind and perspective. Push someone forward today because as you lift others up, you automatically invoke the principle of sowing and reaping. There is room for each of us to excel in our chosen field.


  1. Penuel

    Thanks brother for that inspiring word.infact most people live a life of competetion without even knowing they are…
    Cain killed his brother Abel bse he thought his brother was competing with him..
    God bless you

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