The Other Side

The Other Side

There is always the other side of every equation. How often have you missed an opportunity simply because you complained about the problem instead of seeing the problem as something wrapped as an opportunity?

Recently on a trip in the yellow bus named Danfo, parked by the roadside in the early hours of that wonderful day, I sat in the first row behind the driver. While we waited for other passengers to hop on-board, so we are able to start the 3 hours journey that was originally meant to be 1 hour due to traffic jam I was observing my environment.

A seat was next to me while the other was right behind me for us to have a full load. A young man dressed in his checked and well-ironed shirt tucked into a grey trouser came along to take one of the two seats left. He wanted the seat next to me, however, just as he was about to bring the seat down, he noticed that it had iron and did not look like a comfortable seat so he opted for the seat behind. Just as he took his seat behind, the bus conductor dropped down the seat right next to me, lifted the backrest and we discovered that the iron we saw at first that made that seat look uncomfortable was only but a camouflage.

As the young man tried to come back to take the seat which he had just rejected, an elderly woman was already hooping to take the seat. The young man sighed and said if only I had known. Just like that young man, I am sure there are times when you have turned down opportunities simply because it came disguised. Opportunities sometimes come disguised as problems or challenges. When your next challenge rears its head, be prepared to face it head-on because on the other side of that problem lies your opportunity to do exploit.


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