Love! Listen! Wait!

Love! Listen! Wait!


Love is patient and God is love. The greatest commandment in the Bible is to love.  So many Christians know that for a fact. However, have we been faithful to live out love? How many times have you jumped to wrong conclusions about other people and judged them? How often have you seen the actions of another person and felt “I am more righteous”.

The great commission is to preach the Gospel but, has it ever occurred to you that your action and life will preach the loudest Gospel. There are people that will never read the Bible but your life will show them the Bible. Love is not in what you say but what you do.  It is not your place to convict anyone to believe in who or what you believe. Your task is to not judge anyone but love everyone. Give a listening ear to the other person’s perspective and wait for the Holy Spirit to do the conviction. Of course, we cannot forget the place of prayers.  How then can we love you ask?  

One of the greatest things we can do and perhaps the hardest thing we will do to show love is to forgive one another. When we are hurt by another person, it’s tempting to reserve a secret place in our hearts to nurture bitterness, even long after apologies have been exchanged. And while it may be necessary to change or even break off relationships, true forgiveness sets us free and brings us closer to God.

You show love by keeping your promises.  How often have you given your word but failed to follow through? It makes you feel awful when it happens the first time. But when it becomes a habit then those around you begin to lose trust in you. You may even be at a point where you do not notice that you are failing at your promises. But your spouse, your children, friends and neighbours notice it every time. Obviously there are times when you are not able to keep your promises. When there are things outside of your control that keep you from fulfilling the obligation with your loved ones you should let them know the situation and how badly you are hurt because of it too.

Learn to listen. Sometimes the biggest show of love is to, sit and listen. When a person is going through some type of emotional strain they most often are not looking for advice. They are looking for someone to simply listen and empathize with them. You don’t need to excuse wrong thinking and actions of the person, but take the time to listen first. Any corrective action or advice should be done after you have shown the person you care.

Be generous.  Yes, I know material giving comes to your mind when you hear generous but then go beyond just material giving. Be other – focused and have a self-sacrificing spirit. Live with kindness, encourage others, and offer your good works to one another.

There are other things big and small that you can do to show love. Start today and show love to others. Listen attentively and wait for the Holy Spirit to do the convicting of heart


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