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This is an article I have been thinking about since I started this blog. However, “we” are in a season right now where trusting God is all we can bet on and candy crush is a game I play that is teaching me about trust. Of course, that does not mean we should not play our part while trusting because God will not come down and do what He has already empowered you to do.

I can sometimes swipe those bubbles and just like that one hour is gone without me being impatient. Candy crush can become addictive if you do not discipline yourself. In trusting God, you need to discipline yourself to be patient because His clock does not work the same way as ours. Sometimes the waiting period while trusting God for something can be humanly frustrating but discipline yourself to be patient.

In the game, you never know which swipe you make that will enable you to pass a level but you make a move anyway. Other times, even with all your good moves, you still don’t pass the level but you keep going till you breakthrough to the next level. In trusting God, we are not sure which of our next moves will bring the breakthrough we desire but still make a move prayerfully. Leave the outcomes of the moves – actions – you make, up to Him.

I have come close to finishing a level in the game with only one life left but just one move remaining. Sometimes I give up. The times, however, when I do not give up, God comes through and with that last move I scale through the level. You may be on your last straw right now but I urge you not to wave in your trusting God because at that moment where it looks like all is gone just let go and let God. God wants the credit. In that dire moment, it becomes crystal clear that a higher power beyond you made it happen.

I am writing this as encouragement not just for you but also for myself. If like me, you feel some weight currently pulling you, don’t give. Keep trusting God and the test today will become testimonies tomorrow. Keep taking little steps and stay focused just like you need to focus on candy crush for the mission in each level.  


  1. Ben John

    Indeed we need to trust God at all times. Also, without the God factor it is also important that we trust and believe in what we do despite the challenges we may encounter along the way which gives us hope and faith to trust trut God more

  2. naija naija 😁

    I have never looked at candy crush this way. A very interesting perspective you have illustrated here. Truth is the waiting period/ period prior to breakthrough can truly be overwhelming and thoughts of giving up and doubt tend to cross our minds (a strategy from the enemy). But truth is Gods wants us not to worry about a damn thing but to remind ourselves of his promises and how good he’s been and surely how good he WILL be!

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