Credit: Maddi Bazzocco

You are one thought away from changing your life for the good or for the bad she said to him. He, however, failed to grasp the concept of thoughts as being seeds and continued on the path he had chosen. Let’s call him TK.  

TK wanted to be famous and believed deeply in his heart that the only way to wealth and influence was doing anything to get money. He never believed that handwork combined with strategic action backed by sound values and principles and not “smart” work produces lasting and fulfilling wealth. As a man thinks in his heart ~ seed ~ so is he.

TK held on to his wrong beliefs, watered his seed until it sprouted. His thoughts manifested into him become a drug lord and focal point for all things abnormal, he did become famous and was rich but never at peace with himself. One day, however, TK was shot and died on the spot.  

A Flower. An avocado. A rigid belief system. A loving relationship. A musical composition. Disease. A flourishing business. Space travel. A life. The physical manifestation of whatever you see right now was first seed in the form of a thought. What seeds are you watering in the garden of your mind right now? Remember the words of the lady that you are just one thought away from changing your life to a good or bad direction.

Seeds have a process and take time to sprout. Don’t expect to see results overnight but be patient to put in the work required. Whatever we venture out to achieve has a process as its essence—especially if it’s something we feel called to do and are passionate about. Obstacles are part of the process and part of a bigger picture. Obstacles are the lessons we need to learn about our development that bring us not only to our desired goal but which also forge something deeper within that can’t be defined.

Just as we need to weed out weeds for our seeds to grow, be mindful to weed out thoughts that won’t bear good fruit because what you don’t let go when you ought to let go will become your limitation. Tend to your seeds, tend to your process, plant new ones and sometimes release old ones. Become all you truly were meant to be because you carry seeds on your inside that needs to sprout.


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