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“God is good” yes he is but then good does not necessarily mean all will work according to how you wanted things to turn out. God is still good anyway.  I am indeed grateful for the daily growth and maturing I see in me, especially on the subject.

I was recently denied a visa to a fully sponsored trip which I applied for. I still recall that during the application season, I applied for several things and noted them on tissue paper but this particular program I was accepted to, I never noted it down. The funny thing is that all the ones I noted 8 have returned so far as rejection letters.  In the past, I may have felt like God was not being good to me but that will be false because I have applied for so many other things that have been successful and this current phase does not negate God being good.

Our society has somehow gotten the meaning of good wrong.  We believe that all need to be well for us to perceive things as good but that should not be. ALL THINGS (good, bad, ugly, and great – the whole range of it) are working together for our ABSOLUTE GOOD! We just may not see it yet.  The pains we suffer as a result of not having the expected outcome from things we were banking on should not make you doubt the goodness of God rather, see it as a test of obedience. In my experience often times we learn obedience from those times we “feel and think” that God is not good.    You may not exactly have past victories like in my case that made me less worried about the visa denial. But, I can assure that you have seen God work for you in some other areas not related to your current challenge. Hang in tight and learn to trust God that through the bad, ugly, good and great, He remains good because nothing happens to us without a purpose and it is our responsibility to search it out and through that search, we grow and mature.


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